About Us

Married in 2014, Chase and Elizabeth Lunsford merged two paths that over the next 6 years would reveal to them the perfect vision for the future of their family. Chase worked with his Dad as a youngster to start their first generation cattle farm in Northern Kentucky where his passion for the Texas Longhorn Breed began. Elizabeth grew up on her 5th generation family dairy in Bowling Green, KY. The Chaney Family moved to Agritourism in 2003 selling Premium Homemade Ice Cream and educating the public about Agriculture at their storefront, Chaney's Dairy Barn. Chase and Elizabeth are both graduates of the University of Kentucky College of Agriculture and decided to move back to Bowling Green in 2015 for Elizabeth to pursue her dream of bottling and selling her family's Jersey Milk. Elizabeth started J.R. Chaney Bottling Company in 2019 where she processes and packages fluid dairy products for Chaney Farm.

Years in the making led Chase and Elizabeth to June, 2020 where they were able to purchase their first farm allowing them to pursue a vision they have both been passionate about since the beginning of their time together. A focus on world-class Longhorn genetics and premium beef production is the groundwork for every animal purchased and planned at 20/20 Cattle Co. Our livestock program focuses not only on an optimal environment and key nutrition plan, but also a 5 prong approach to what 20/20 considers the ideal animal: mothering ability, color, confirmation, disposition and horn growth. Bringing together backgrounds in not only Longhorn breeding but dairy production, retail and distribution, 20/20 is excited to utilize this diversity paired with 15 years of passion for Longhorn genetics to help grow their herd to result in animals that are well known for excellence across the breed.